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193 Newman Springs Road East
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 US
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JA Autowerks is a full service Audi, Volkswagen, TDI, & Porsche specialized repair shop.

Located right off exit 109 on the Garden State Parkway, we are your Jersey Shore Volkswagen dealership alternative! Using only the highest quality German OEM parts, we take pride in offering the best in quality service.

From a VW TDI to a Porsche 911 Turbo, we have the experience, resources and knowledge to meet all your service needs. If you are looking for top-quality 4Ring, Veedub, TDI or Porsche services, contact John at (732) 268-7381 or email jaautowerks@gmail.com

Our Services & Expertise

  • Minor (Oil & Filter) Service
  • Major (Tune-up) Service
  • Timing Belts Service
  • Brake Service & Upgrades
  • Exhaust Service & Upgrades
  • Suspension Service & Upgrades
  • Clutch Service & Upgrades
  • Engine Swaps
  • Turbo Swaps & Upgrades
  • Transmission Service & Repairs
  • VAGCOM Check Engine Light, Airbag Light, ABS/ESP Light, Transmission, and MOST Bus Diagnosis
  • ECU Upgrades from Eurocharged Performance.
  • TDI tuning products from KermaTDI and Street Toys

Meet Our Team

  • John Andryszewski

    Owner & Technician

    After receiving a degree in Automotive, Diesel and Industrial Technology from UTI, John continued his training at the Audi Academy Technician Program. There, he became a Registered Audi Technician and was immediately placed in an apprentice program with a VAG MASTER GUILD Technician at a New Jersey Audi Dealership.

    Today, John is a Factory Registered Expert and ASE Certified Technician. Heading every aspect of JA Autowerks from diagnostics to repair, he continually meets the automotive needs of myriad German car enthusiasts.


  • “

    I rate the service as follows, 10 being best. Professionalism 10, Trustworthiness 10, Pricing 10, Likeability 10, attention to detail 10, Delivers exactly on time and as commited 10.

    Eric, Audi Driver
  • “

    John is very knowledgeable, works hard and takes pride in his work. Took care of a few other things on my car at the same time. Found his pricing to be very reasonable. If you have a TDI, or any other car for that matter John is the guy.

    John, TDI Driver
  • “

    Having had extensive engine work on my $78,000 VW Phaeton by John at JA Autowerks , I can tell you that he is a true professional. Everything was done as it should be with the correct tools. John is honest and hardworking. He listens and always seem to go the extra mile-without charging for it.

    Ken D, VW Driver

Awards & Affiliations

ASE CertifiedASE Certified
BBB Accredited BusinessBBB Accredited Business

4 Reviews

  • Sean K
    Sean K7 years ago

    John has been working on my A4 for about 2 years now. I've often found when working with other mechanics that their work was very impersonal and rather rushed - this simply isn't the case with John. What distinguishes his type of work from others is the time, dedication, and perseverance that he puts into the mastery of his own skill sets, which inevitably makes its way to the end consumer. Since I bought my A4 back in 2010, John has been the only mechanic I've allowed to touch my car, and for good reason. Most mechanics today try to cut corners, skimp on quality, and provide an inferior service under the guise of something great, but I am glad to say that I have never experienced this at JA Autowerks. I've taken my car to John for jobs ranging from simple breaks and rotors, to timing belts and more. Furthermore, his professional attitude towards his work and business is trumped only by the perfection of the vehicles that leave his shop. I would recommend his service to any Audi or Volkswagen enthusiast that takes their car seriously and wants someone knowledgeable and trustworthy working on their vehicle.

    Audi A4
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  • AJ
    AJ7 years ago

    Having heard good reviews both in person and online, I thought it would be safe to send my sister's golf to JA Autowerks.

    Boy was I wrong!

    These people claim to be VW experts, but don't know that a stretch bolt is meant for one-time-use only. The car came back with the engine sitting a good 2-3 inches away from where it should. The engine mounts were installed crooked, and the bolts were reused. The resulting engine play caused multiple coolant lines to get cut by the belts.

    I tried calling during normal business hours. No answer, and no return call when I left a message. I'm very disappointed that I spent time and money having the car towed to this shop, just to have them screw up the job as badly as a non-vw shop would have.

    2003 Volkswagen Golf
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    John Andryszewski7 years ago

    AJ, I am sorry to hear about the issue you have had with the VW Golf. I remember the vehicle and discussing the work with your sister, who's vehicle it is. Unfortunately, I do not remember receiving a phone call or message about any issues in this matter. After reading your comment today, I reviewed all of my phone messages again with the JA Autowerks office staff but could not find the messages you referenced. The vehicle was a TDI and JA Autowerks backs up all our TDI work with a 24 month or 24K miles warranty. With that said, I would have had no problem reinspecting the vehicle and addressing any issues pertaining to the work performed at the shop at no cost. Customer service is our main priority and we have spent the past several months investing in staff and office personnel to ensure our customers' experience surpasses that of any other shop. If you have any other question or would like to talk, please call the shop at (732) 268-7381.

  • Wayne Sos
    Wayne Sos7 years ago

    John has been maintaining my A8 for quite a while. He is an expert technician and always does the work at a reasonable price. I recommend him to all of my "Audi driving" friends. I congratulate him on his new shop!

    2005 Audi A8
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  • James Valencia
    James Valencia9 years ago

    Johnny from JA Autowerks has been maintaining my VW Passat for years. I must say he does a great job and there is definitely proof because I have never had the chance to use the towing package from my insurance company I’ve been paying for since 2008. I bring my V6 Passat in for everything from diagnostics, oil changes, alignments, tires, brakes, major services (Tune-ups and Timing belt). He is always extremely cooperative with scheduling, very honest and I find his pricing reasonable. I would recommend him to anyone!

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