Jason's Bug Ranch

76 8th Street
Winter Garden, FL 34787 US
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Jason's Bug Ranch is an independent Volkswagen service and repair shop in Winter Garden, FL.

Jason and Nate worked together at a VW dealership for over 10 years. By taking their knowledge and experience to their own shop, they now can take care of their customers personally and have much more control over pricing. We service and repair all VW models, from the original Beetle to the newest Passat. Our shop has all the equipment and information needed to properly maintain or repair any Volkswagen.


  • Best shop in town!

    Kelly M., via Google
  • Nice guys you can 100% trust with your VW.

    Kenneth M., via Google
  • If you have a Volkswagen. Check this place out. Prices are great and all work done here is very trustworthy

    Brian E., via Google

4 Reviews

  • Dios Garcia
    Dios Garcia1 year ago

    I'm from Miami and I called the shop just to ask their opinion on an antique Beetle that I wanted to buy. I spoke to them and they were really informative, friendly and helpful.

    1971 Volkswagen Beetle
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  • Kristin Johnson
    Kristin Johnson6 years ago

    Rave: Jason's Bug Ranch in Winter Garden is amazing. They are a Volkswagen mechanic. I had some lights come on in my Passat. I called David Maus Volkswagen and they wanted what sounded like an extraordinary amount of money to repair it. My cousin told me about Jason's Bug Ranch, I called and spoke with one of the owners Nate Oglesby. What a nice guy, very knowledgeable. He got me right in and assessed my vehicle. His price was fantastic, and his service was perfect. If you know anyone with a Volkswagen vehicle check them out. I give them 5 stars!

    2012 Volkswagen Passatt tdi
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  • Steve
    Steve8 years ago

    2 days turned into 2 weeks.

    Engine rebuild. Cooked my heads by plugging fan shroud

    when i have heater boxes( yes thats possible).

    But motor build was strong all in all.

    Tried to ask a question regarding why distributor was put in so top dead center was pointing at #1 cylinder not at #2 as I have always known. And was giving completely rude answer on how Jason is allowed "artistic licence"! What in the heck does that mean? Were dealing with a motor not a Pacaso!

    Totally disappointed in their customer service! Nate needs to be turning wrenches NOT doing Public Relations.

    Wasted 4k! Buy a good motor backed by good warranty out of California, dont waste your money here.

    1967 Volkswagen Single cab
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  • Steve
    Steve10 years ago

    Jason and Nate at Jason's Bug Ranch did a great job resurrecting an old beetle engine I had and installing it in my son's car. Honest and fair, and willing to work with you to do what is necessary, but keep it within a budget.

    1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible
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