• Celebrate! Volkswagen Golf Turns 40

    Published 7 years ago — by Lisa Federico

    1977 VW Golf

    1977 VW Golf
    Photo Credit: Michiel Dijcks

    The Volkswagen Golf (Rabbit) recently celebrated it’s 40th birthday!

    Introduced on March 29, 1974 in Wolfsburg, West Germany, the VW Golf was produced to replace the air-cooled, rear-wheel drive VW Beetle.

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  • Volkswagen Beetle’s 65th U.S. Birthday

    Published 7 years ago — by Lisa Federico

    Classic Volkswagen Beetle

    A classic VW Bug.
    Photo Credit: David Brown

    As one of Volkswagen’s most iconic and easily recognizable vehicles, along with the Vanagon, the VW Beetle recently celebrated its 65th year since arriving in the United States.

    A little bit of VW Beetle history for ya:

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  • 1960’s Iconic VW Vanagon Production to End This Year

    Published 8 years ago — by Lisa Federico

    VW Vanagon

    Say bye to the production of VW's Vanagon
    Photo Credit: Linda Tanner

    After 63 years of production, Volkswagen has announced that it will shut down its assembly line production of the rear-engine Vanagon in Brazil at the end of the year.

    While VW stopped importing the rear-end engine vans to the U.S. in 1993, the Kombi (T2 model), Brazil’s name for the Vanagon, has still been in production over the years, but due to recent safety standards in Brazil they are ending all production of these models. They will be releasing a special Last Edition model of the Brazilian T2, however.

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