VW New Beetle Headlight Seal Issues

The fun and sporty Volkswagen New Beetle was manufactured from 1998-2010. Its distinctive design is a throwback to the body style of the original Beetle, popularized in the United States in the 1950’s and 1960’s. These vehicles are made with the individual in mind, offering customized colors and accessories to suit the consumer’s style and personality. It has many visual similarities to the original Volkswagen Beetle, but with some important differences, most notably in engine size and layout of the vehicle. The New Beetle has an anterior engine compartment and features front-wheel drive, not available on the older models. Unique characteristics common to both the original and New Beetle are the curved body, round headlights and compact style, which have endeared Volkswagen enthusiasts for generations.

One of these characteristic features, the round headlights, sometimes cause problems for Volkswagen New Beetle owners. Condensation on the inside of the headlight can make the headlight appear ‘foggy’ and diminish the brightness of the lamp. The cause most often times is a damaged or worn out seal around the headlight. Weather and age can contribute to the wear on these seals, making them brittle.

If you are experiencing problems with your Beetle’s headlights, it is best to have them inspected and repaired sooner than later. If ignored, the problem can get worse and the repairs more expensive. Plus, it can also cause safety issues in rain or night driving.

Your local VW service technician can easily diagnose and repair this or any other problems you may encounter. For models manufactured in 2009 or later, Volkswagen also offers a carefree maintenance package which will start the owner off on the right path to vehicle maintenance. This ensures the vehicle is properly maintained from the start. Visit your local VW Beetle repair technician and have your headlights repaired properly.

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