VW New Beetle Faulty Window Regulators

The Volkswagen New Beetle is a popular compact car built from 1998-2010. The New Beetle’s eye-catching design appeals to drivers both old and new as many of its primary features are based on the body style of the original VW Beetle. The original Beetle was manufactured with functionality and economy in mind and the same is true of the VW New Beetle. If cared for properly, these vehicles can easily run over 100,000 miles throughout their lifetime. There are some common problems with the VW Beetle, with one issue being faulty window regulators.

The automatic window is designed to glide effortlessly all the way up and down with a couple of clicks on the window actuator. This feature may cease to function, causing the window to stop halfway up or down, or it may require the driver the hold the button as in a standard automatic window. Rarely, VW owners report they have to actuate the button several times to roll the window up. These are often signs of a faulty window regulator.

Window regulators are a complex array of cables, pulleys and other parts within the door of the Beetle. They can become loose or broken due to wear and tear, or from extreme heat or cold. The parts are fragile and sensitive, and can also be corrupted by sap, snow, or other fluids that infiltrate the door. Constantly slamming the door can also lead to malfunction.

Any issues with the window regulators should prompt the owner to take the vehicle to an independent Volkswagen service mechanic. He or she can quickly examine the vehicle for this or any other problems and make the right determination for VW repairs.

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