VW New Beetle Coil Burnouts

In 1998, Volkswagen introduced its redesigned New Beetle, reviving the love affair many Americans had with the original Volkswagen Beetle. Manufactured until 2010, the New Beetle has many visual components in common with the original model, while offering many new upgrades. The New Beetle features front wheel drive and trunk space, due to the anterior engine compartment. These vehicles provide plenty of acceleration and make for a fun ride. One common problem New Beetle drivers encounter is ignition coil burnout.

The function of the ignition coil is to provide a spark to ignite the engine. When the key is turned, this allows the circuit to remain open and the engine to continue running. Common complaints associated with coil burnout include poor fuel efficiency, engine back firing, stalling and difficulty starting the engine. Some owners will have to turn the key several times before the engine “turns over” and the vehicle starts. Over time, these issues will worsen until the vehicle fails to start. The difficulty starting could be due to cold weather or a poor battery, so that should be ruled out as a cause.

Ignition coils are known to go bad after a car has been on the road for many years, but this problem has also been known to occur in Beetle’s that are still relatively new. Therefore, we recommend that you visit a local German auto expert that can diagnose the cause of the issue and work to repair the vehicle quickly. The constant “turning over” of the engine could cause long-term damage to the vehicle that may be expensive to repair in the future. It is best to get this problem solved early by a professional.

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