Volkswagen Maintenance Every 5,000 Miles

While full maintenance schedules vary based on the year and model of your Volkswagen, the following is basic maintenance that should be applied every 5,000 miles. For the best care of your Volkswagen, be sure to check out specific guidelines regarding your particular model and year.

Checklist for Maintenance at 5,000 Miles

This is one of the simplest regular service appointments you'll have with your Volkswagen. The 5,000 mile services includes:

  1. Changing the oil and oil filter, and
  2. Checking the AdBlue® Fluid level and adding more if necessary (3.0L TDI only).

At higher mileages, such as your 10,000 mile check, you'll need to perform more comprehensive Volkswagen Maintenance checklists to better the performance and longevity of your VW.