Bug Haus

10 Westover Hills Blvd # B,
Richmond, VA 23225 US
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2 Reviews

  • CD1 year ago

    I was traveling X-country and having power issues. This was the closest vintage VW place I could find. Made two phone calls and all I got was an answering machine. Stopped by anyway. The appearance of the place did not inspire much confidence; looked more like a junk yard than a repair shop. There was one very surly employee around. I asked if he was the manager and he just said, "No, he'll be out in a bit". Waited around, but no manager showed so I left. I would avoid this place.

    1971 Volkswagen Bus
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  • marty5 years ago

    These guys rock, great staff that works to repair your car in a satisfactory manner. Always fair with their estimates, a great deal of experience and willing to install your parts or in some cases used parts. Fair labor practices and honest mechanics.

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