Common Repairs on the B7 VW Passat

The Seventh Generation Volkswagen Passat (B7), produced from 2010 to 2015, presented several refinements and updates compared to its predecessors. VW aimed to improve the build quality and driving experience in this generation while aiming to strike a balance between style, technology, comfort and practicality. Proper maintenance is key to ensuring a reliable and enjoyable ownership experience, however some common issues do arise.

Electrical Issues: While VW made efforts to improve electrical systems in the B7 Passat, there were still occasional reports of electrical glitches. These could include problems with power windows, central locking, dashboard warning lights and other electronic components.

Turbocharger and Engine Issues: Turbocharger issues are common in the Passat and the B7 model is no exception. Issues including boost pressure problems and wastegate failures have been reported. Have your Passat checked by an experienced VW mechanic if you suspect any engine issues.

Cooling System: While improvements were made over previous generations, cooling system issues such as coolant leaks and water pump failures still occurred in some B7 Passat models. Be sure to have regular cooling system maintenance performed by an expert Volkswagen repair shop to prevent such problems.

Steering Drifting: Drifting while driving is not just a hassle, but it is a serious safety issue. The driver of a vehicle should never have to overcompensate on the steering wheel to keep the car from veering to the left or right on its own. A steering wheel realignment could be the easy fix or it may require a more extensive repair.

If you are the owner of a VW midsize sedan and are experiencing any of the problems outlined in the list above, it is recommended that you take your vehicle into an independent VW repair specialist for diagnosis and repair.

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