B6 VW Passat Steering Column Failures

The Volkswagen B6 Passat, 2005-2010, was first showcased at the Geneva Motor show. Volkswagen admirers in need of a large family car were thrilled with this German auto, and all of the great upgrades from the previous model. But like any new vehicle, this generation of VW demonstrates a few a common problems, such as steering column failures.

There are a handful of related issues. Drivers have reported error messages such as “Steering column lock defective!” upon trying to start their Passats. The car may or may not actually start. Jiggling or removing and reinserting the key may help in some cases. An owner may or may not notice actual steering failures during operation, such as the wheel being harder to turn or the handling is not as “sharp” as expected in a Volkswagen. Furthermore, problems can be intermittent or consistent.

Some owners attempt to troubleshoot these types of problems on their own. Some, for example, report that certain tricks, such as moving the wheel while starting the car seem to help. The B6, however, is known for its greater Volkswagen experience. This is no way to enjoy your German import. In order to repair such failures, your automobile may need a new steering column or ignition.

Even if you own a VW manufactured in 2010, your vehicle lies outside of its carefree maintenance warranty period. This being said, don’t wait until you are stranded. Worse yet, actual steering issues are dangerous. For an affordable yet expert option, consult a nearby German auto mechanic. An independent specialist will be able to get you and your mid-sized Volkswagen back on the road, enjoying your Passat, as soon as possible.

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