Common Repairs on the B5 VW Passat

Volkswagen’s acquisition of the Audi company in 1964 paved the way for a whole new line of front wheel drive cars with water cooled engines. The Passat, one of the earliest adopters of these technologies, saw development alongside the Audi Fox and filled a market between the VW Golf and the Phaeton. The B5, produced from 1996 to 2005, introduced a sleeker body design and cutting edge independent front suspension. Some of the common problems a B5 owner can expect are:

Door Locking Problems: The doors will lock randomly, or the car will say the doors are unlocked when they are, in fact, locked. Sometimes the locks will activate themselves when the doors are open and set the alarm off.

Bad Engine Coils: VW issued a recall on these parts that sometimes develop cracks, resulting in engine misfiring, rough idling, and increased fuel consumption.

Rattling/Creaking Dash: The dashboard is unusually creaky, and cold weather makes it worse. They creaking usually happens when going around turns or when riding over a rough road.

Headlights and Taillights Failure: If certain lights keep failing in your B5, then there may be some electrical problems or switch failure. This can affect any of the external lights, from the taillights to the blinkers, and should be addressed immediately.

Cabin Filter Compartment Leaking: Water on the passenger side of the car or dripping from the glove box may indicate an improperly situated cabin filter.

All of these malfunctions and their indications must be fixed as soon as possible if your B5 is to remain in peak condition. An appointment made with a local VW repair expert will add years to your car and restore peace to your mind.

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