Doug's Bugs and Bunnies

1502 W Main St.,
Mesa, AZ 85201 US
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Providing Volkswagen service and repair since 1987 to the Mesa, Arizona area. We repair all types of VW vehicles. Doug's Bugs and Bunnies serves the VW owners and enthusiasts in Mesa.

4 Reviews

  • Kathey9 months ago

    This team rocks! What an amazing car repair experience! Technical expertise with a great human touch, they brought my 1976 VW Bus to the 21st century. Thank you!

    1976 Volkswagen Bus
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  • Rusty1 year ago

    These Guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I showed up at the shop at the end of a long road trip with a dying Bus and 8 hours to go til I was home. The shop was packed with work ( a good sign) so they couldn't get me in for a couple days. I was pressed for time and a bit desperate so I asked if I could start on the repair myself and have them take over when I got over my head. These guys were super understanding and helpful even though I was pretty much asking to moonlight in their parking lot!!!!! Ended up that with the help and supervision of nearly all the staff, donated tools and EVERY BUS PART I NEEDED IN STOCK!!!!!!!! I replaced clutch, throw out bearing, throw out arm and clutch cable to get back on the road!!!!! Would have been screwed if not for their help and support!!!!! Awesome Shop!!!!!!

    1966 Volkswagen Bus
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  • Michael3 years ago

    Can's say enough good things about these guys. They've done work for me, ordered parts for me, helped me with my repairs and mods, and helped me perform work on my new to me Sand Rail. Awesome bunch of guys!

    1967 Volkswagen Sand Rail
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  • Ron3 years ago

    Have a 69 dune buggy with a 1600 dual port. Running terrible when I took it to these guys. Had it running perfect when I left their shop. Very reasonable. Had another issue a few days later and called for advice. They told me to bring it in and they would take a look. Had it purring in no time. No charge ...great service...nice guys to deal with. Will be my regular shop as long as this bug is mine.

    1969 Volkswagen Manx style buggy
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