6th Generation VW Jetta Sunglasses Holder Issues

The Jetta was introduced by the German car manufacturer, Volkswagen, in 1979. Since then, six generations of the VW Jetta have been produced by the company, its latest in 2011. The sixth-generation Jetta has increased interior space, a larger trunk, better fuel mileage and some safety improvements. Jetta drivers tend to love their cars, but occasionally, there are common problems that arise. One such issue, while seemingly minor, is frustrating nonetheless. The sunglasses holder tends to jam and break easily.

For some Jetta owners, it's not the fact that the sunglasses holder has broken off, it's that finding a replacement is somewhat difficult. They are unsure where to go for the part. One of the causes for the holder breaking is that it doesn't seem to open on its own. Since the holder appears to be jammed, Jetta drivers may be forcing the compartment to open and possibly causing the case to crack through force. Other drivers have had similar experiences where the sunglasses holder will not stay closed and have attested to the fact that no undue force had been exerted on the plastic.

A call to a local German import shop that sells VW parts may be able to get you pointed in the right direction. While this problem may cause inconvenience, it certainly is not something that will threaten the safety of you or your passengers. Still, to have it properly repaired, seek the attention of a VW specialist. They will have the know-how and tools to get this fixed properly.

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