6th Generation VW Jetta Squeaky Dashboard

German car manufacturer, Volkswagen, has be making the Jetta since 1979, with its latest incarnation being the sixth-generation, introduced in model year 2011. This new VW has more room, but the same sporty design, and increased safety features. Some sixth-generation Jetta owners have experienced problems with the car as they put on miles, however. One such problem is a loud squeaking noise that seems to come from the dashboard. This squeaky dash occurs in older vehicles as well as new.

Customers have noticed what they describe as a very loud, squeaking noise that is hard to ignore. The sound has been described as plastic screech, or a dull squeal, unlike the sound of metal on metal. This sound could be annoying, but also quite distracting, possibly making the vehicle unsafe. The sound seems to come from inside the vehicle's dashboard console.

Jetta owners have noted that the sound started out occurring sporadically, but over time the frequency increased. The noise also seems to get louder as time went on. Some VW customers report that the noise only happens when driving over bumpy roads, but others have said it happens no matter the condition of the road. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when this noise occurs.

If you are a Jetta owner who has experienced these types of loud squeaking noises emanating from the car's dashboard, then you should take it to a local Volkswagen repair expert and have it checked out.

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