6th Generation VW GTI Water Leakage in Headlights

The Sixth Generation Volkswagen Golf GTI is a high performance version of the VW Golf – marketed as an economical family car with superior handling and a smooth ride. The VW mk6 GTI lives up to its name, with added perks such as heated seats and Bluetooth standard on its base model.

The sixth Generation GTI was introduced in 2010, and will be in production until the seventh Generation GTI takes over in 2015. The mk6 features a 4-cylinder, 2.0 liter 200 horsepower engine, with optional DSG transmission. The body design of the mk6 includes a hatchback, rear spoiler and diffuser along with many of the family VW trademarks such as short grill and round headlights. As the Volkswagen GTI shares these characteristics with other Volkswagen models, it also shares some of the same problems.

One of these issues is water leakage into the headlights, most frequently on the driver’s side. Obviously, this is usually found after a period of heavy rain, but could also be revealed after several trips through the car wash. The water causes condensation on the inside of the lens, creating a foggy look that impairs the brightness of your headlamps. This could be a very dangerous situation and should be fixed as soon as possible. If you have found this to be an issue with your Volkswagen mk6 GTI, a trip to your local Volkswagen auto expert is your best bet.

Usually, this situation is the result of an improperly aligned seal in the headlamp, or there may be a slight crack or defect in the lens. Your nearby German auto import service tech can easily replace the lens and address any other issues you may experience with your vehicle.

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