6th Generation VW Golf Wind Noises at High Speeds

In response to criticisms of its Fifth Generation Golf, Volkswagen manufactured the Sixth Generation Golf (mk6) from 2008-2013. The Volkswagen Golf mk6 featured greater fuel economy and a smoother ride than the previous VW Golf mk5. Due to their fuel efficiency and affordability, these are very popular vehicles in the VW line. For its Sixth Generation model, Volkswagen improved its door and window seals and redesigned its windshield to include a dampening film to block out exterior noise. The side mirrors were also redesigned for a more aerodynamic look and feel.

Although on average the mk6 is quieter, some Golf owners have reported experiencing wind noise at high speeds, coming from either the window or door seals. It is often characterized by a hissing noise, which grows louder as the speed of the vehicle increases. In some cars it could be due to simple wear and tear on the windows, but these Golfs are still relatively new vehicles so it is due to a manufacturing problem. While this is not an issue that will affect the handling of the vehicle, it is extremely annoying and should warrant a trip to the nearest Volkswagen mechanic.

Volkswagen has recognized that many owners experience this problem and have issued a Technical Service Bulletin out for Golf models 2006 and newer in regards to wind noises. The problem is most likely caused by the window or door seals improperly aligned. Your local VW service expert can explain the necessary repairs required to return peace and quiet to your vehicle.

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