6th Generation VW Golf Rattling Noises From the Dashboard

The Sixth Generation Volkswagen Golf (mk6) features several advances in designs based on the Volkswagen group’s A5 Platform. Distributed from 2008-2013 in the USA, several changes were made to increase fuel efficiency, performance and comfort over the Fifth Generation model. Though one common problem noted by owners is a rattling noise on the dashboard.

The Fifth Generation Volkswagen model was criticized for lacking passenger space in the cabin, and high wind noise. Volkswagen modified its door and window seals in the Sixth Generation Golf and added a noise dampening film to the windshield. All of these improvements created the quietest ride yet found in the Volkswagen Golf family of models.

Even though the experience for most Volkswagen drivers is an exceptionally quiet ride, an annoying disturbance some Volkswagen Golf drivers experience is a rattling noise coming from the dashboard. This is often described as noise either emanating from the vents or underneath the dashboard itself. The vibration is nearly constant, but can vary in intensity with the speed of the vehicle. If you experience this issue, a trip to your local Volkswagen repair specialist is in order.

One possible cause of this issue could be loose ductwork with the dashboard, or loosen connections in the dashboard. Because the parts of the dashboard are fitted together at the factory, care is needed to take them apart without damaging the vehicle. Your local Volkswagen service repair center is the best place to undertake this task to resolve the situation. Their expertise in examining Volkswagen vehicles will ensure the repair is performed properly.

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