5th Generation VW Jetta Window Regulator Issues

From model years 2005-2010 the fifth generation VW Jetta was sold throughout the USA. Compared to its predecessor, this small family car featured a longer wheelbase, increased interior room, multi-link independent rear suspension and advanced safety features. Unfortunately, owners of this Volkswagen have also observed a few common problems, including window regulator issues.

The window regulators are a complex system of pulleys and gears that that controls the opening and closing of the vehicle windows. Over time, these regulators can become worn and fragile, and end up breaking or malfunctioning. Extreme weather, collision and constantly slamming the doors can all lead to the window regulators failing early in the life of the car.

Owners have noticed that the windows will “jitter” as they open or close. They will stick or not respond to the command switch. Sometimes the windows won’t even go up or down at all. such as clacking or screeching, could accompany or precede the problem. Perhaps the most distracting and therefore dangerous of these issues is the potential for the window to suddenly drop into the door. Other potential causes can include frozen or rusted parts, a faulty cable or a broken link. Another related cause is motor burnout.

To repair this problem requires the removal of the interior door panel. This poses safety concerns such as of electric shock. Similarly, if the windowpane falls unexpectedly, the shattered material can cause serious injury. Therefore, we recommend visiting your local VW service expert. They will have the proper tools and knowledge to most quickly identify and repair such problems.

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