5th Generation VW Jetta Power Train Problems

The fifth generation VW Jetta, introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show, was noticeably different than its predecessor. Among the changes, drivers were impressed with the roomier interior, a more spacious trunk and better handling. Overall, this Volkswagen was found to be stylish and smart, and the model years ranged from 2005-2010. While many of the modifications brought positive attention to this already popular small family car, a few common problems have been noted.

One of the common malfunctions in this Volkswagen are power train problems. Owners have complained of unresponsive acceleration, a lag in power and speed and involuntary shifting. This could be due to improperly crimped wires within the direct shift gearbox’s temperature sensor. The sensor might think the car is running hotter than it is, and therefore “turn down the power.” Inadequately crimped wires can also result in the Volkswagen suddenly shifting to neutral.

Another concern involves possible faulty manufacturing of certain driveshaft cover plates or poorly tightened screws. If the gearbox detaches while the vehicle is in motion, the result could be damaged gearbox housing and oil leaks. Both of these consequences pose safety risks and should be addressed as soon as possible.

If you find your car suddenly shifting to neutral, hear a clunking sound, notice an oil leak, or have other related concerns, we recommend you call a service expert as soon as possible. If ignored, some of these defects can lead to increased repair costs, due to further and resultant damage, or even personal injury. A a href="http://www.vcarshops.com/" target="_blank">nearby VW service shop will prove an affordable and efficient expert option. They’ll be able to properly diagnose and then safely rectify any such issues.

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