5th Generation VW Jetta Horn Malfunctions

The fifth generation Volkswagen Jetta, model years 2005-2010, received praise for its improvements upon an already much-loved small family car. Better handling, an updated look, additional rear seat legroom and a spacious trunk received noticeable amounts of press as well as owner appreciation. Despite these praiseworthy features, this Volkswagen has been known to demonstrate a few common problems, including horn malfunctions.

Owners have reported intermittent, progressive, and even complete and sudden failures. Some drivers have noted that if they push really hard on the horn that it will work, but others have said that no matter what they do, the horns just won’t make noise. Occasionally, owners report noticing that the horn beeps when the doors are locked via the remote, but not when pressed manually. Others find that the Jetta horns will “chirp” when they press it, but not continue sounding if they hold it down.

This VW has a reputation for safety, so a functional horn is required. Real dangers can result from the absence of a properly working horn, it’s more than just an inconvenience. We recommend having this problem solved sooner than later. Some solutions include cleaning the contacts, changing the relay, checking the fuse or replacing the clockspring. Alternately, your VW’s horn might need to be replaced.

Some owners attempt to diagnose and fix these issues themselves. However, for efficient and specialized assistance and, moreover, due to the safety concerns associated with an unreliable horn, we strongly recommend consulting an expert. An independent German auto repair specialist can be an ideal, efficient and affordable solution.

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