5th Generation VW GTI In-cabin Rattles

The VW Golf has been one of the most successful lines for the German car maker Volkswagen. This compact vehicle has been produced across seven generations, including the fifth generation GTI series. While this GTI series remains a popular choice of hatchback, some owners have experienced in-cabin rattling in the doors and dash.

The exact location of the rattling noise is sometimes hard to determine. Some owners have reported that the noise is coming from the dash, while others suspect that the rattle is coming from one of the door panels. Wherever the noise is originating it has proven to be distracting and annoying to the drivers.

Some VW owners have reported that the rattle seems to get louder as the car gains speed. Others have noticed that the rattles seem louder when the temperature drops outside. GTI owners living in colder climates may experience this problem more than others. An intermittent rattle here and there may not be a cause for concern for some drivers, for others it is too annoying not to address. Most likely the noises are associated with the speed of the car, how hard the engine is idling, and the condition of the road. There is simply something loose within the vehicle, and that gets noisier as the car moves more, be it speed or potholes.

If you recognize this problem in your own Fifth Generation VW GTI, and you can't find the cause, you should take your car to a trained German import technician. Your mechanic should be able to diagnose the problem and should be able to locate the source of the rattle and correct the noise.

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