5th Generation VW GTI Cam Follower Wear Flaw

Over the years Volkswagen has produced many different variations of their landmark Golf model. The GTI Fifth Generation has proven quite reliable and popular with VW fans, however, quite a few owners of this GTI model have complained of cam follower wear due to a design flaw with the camshaft.

This design flaw occurred in the FSI motors used in early versions of the vehicle. It would appear as though the fuel pump is subjected to accelerated wear not typical in newer vehicles. This could be due to excessive wear and tear due to driver habits, but it could also happen even to the most careful of drivers. There doesn't seem to be a consensus on what the flaw is exactly, but direct injection engines in general can be hard on oil and these camshafts just don't seem to offer enough protection.

Whether this problem is inevitable or is preventable is hard to say, especially with the sporadic nature of this fault. It just may be a matter of time before the part fails, no matter what an owner does. However, if you are vigilant about maintenance and service checkups, you may be able to delay the problem. Some owners have reported that checking the follower when they perform oil changes helps as well.

If you are the owner of a GTI with an FSI motor, and are experiencing problems with cam follower wear due to this flaw, then you should take your car to your local Volkswagen service expert and get their opinion. They will have the know-how and experience to give a proper diagnosis.

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