5th Generation VW GTI Automatic Transmission Gearbox Problems

The Volkswagen GTI series of "hot hatchbacks" have been very popular with the people who drive them. VW has been producing these and similar compact cars across seven generations for four decades. While the Fifth Generation GTI series is certainly no exception, some drivers have experienced automatic trans-gearbox problems.

These owners have reported problems with the automatic transmission when shifting gears. It can seem as though the gearbox is "hunting" for gears while shifting. The shifting slips and does not feel “tight.” Sometimes, drivers have noted intervals of several minutes where the car seems to be stuck between gears. It is possible that this is a temporary issue and not something that will cause very many problems over the life of the vehicle, however, it may be a sign of a more series problem with the engine.

Several GTI owners who have experienced this problem have been told by their mechanics that the vehicle will reset itself after 1,000 miles and the problem should disappear. This may seem hard to believe especially when the transmission is knocking loudly when shifting between gears.

If you have a Volkswagen GTI and are experiencing problems with the automatic trans-gearbox you should have it checked out by a German import repair shop.

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