5th Generation VW GTI AC Compressor Failure

German automaker, Volkswagen has been producing stylish and affordable hatchback vehicles for over three decades. In production since 1974, the VW Golf has always been a popular compact car among consumers and that includes the Fifth Generation line of the GTI series. The GTI is based on the Golf Mk5 and has many of the same great features, however, some owners have experienced problems with a failure of the ac compressor.

The problem stems from the compressor itself. Many of the compressors installed in early versions of the GTI had similar failures that were a result of a lack of the lubrication on the inside of the compressor. This led to metal fatigue which resulted in eventual breakdowns for many owners. Had the problem been caught earlier, they may have avoided such headaches.

Generally, when GTI owners have had this experience, they were able to resolve the problem simply by having the compressor replaced. This replacement part features an expanded valve allowing for proper lubrication and preventing undue stress and reducing the wear and tear that caused the initial part to break down. This redesigned part should last much longer than the first one, and should be replaced by a professional.

If you own a GTI that was manufactured between 2003 and 2008 and is experiencing a failure of the ac compressor or similar problem, you should take your car into an independent VW repair specialist for a diagnosis. This may be something that can be fixed fairly easily and inexpensively. But if ignored, it could become a larger problem.

Search for a local, independent Volkswagen repair shop with Volkswagen mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.