4th Generation VW Golf Shifting Problems

The Volkswagen Fourth Generation Golf, 1997-2005, was manufactured in both hatchback and station wagon body styles. This family-friendly German car has a reputation for being both popular and affordable. Like any new vehicle, however, this VW exhibited a few common glitches. Such malfunctions include shifting problems on high mileage automatic transmissions.

Owners have complained of a few such shifting issues. Some drivers have noted that occasionally the transmission fails to shift or that their Golf seems to pop into neutral randomly. Similarly, some owners have noticed a delay when they attempt to change into a certain gear, such as fourth, rather than every gear. Others yet have reported that in cold whether they need to run their car until the temperature gauge reaches a certain temperature in order to get their Volkswagen into 1st gear.

While some VW drivers attempt to ignore these concerns or try to diagnose such malfunctions on their own, there are associated risks. Not only do shifting issues diminish the enjoyment of the Volkswagen driving experience but they are, at best, dangerously distracting to a driver. Causes for shifting failures or difficulties could include throttle body failure or the need for an entire new transmission.

To determine the exact cause of such concerns, and in order to rectify the problem as safely and efficiently as possible, drivers should consult an independent German auto service shop. These experts’ knowledge regarding and experience with the MK4 will have you back on the road enjoying your vehicle again as soon as possible.

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