3rd Generation VW GTI Window Regulator Failure

The Volkswagen Golf broke automotive ground in countless areas, not the least of which was its popularizing of the GTI engine. The 3rd generation Golf GTI, produced between the years 1993 and 2001, represents the GTI style perfectly, and her lower ride, larger wheels, and aerodynamic trim combine with a powerful 1.8L turbocharged engine, to make the Golf GTI a kick in the pants, courtesy of VW. It isn’t uncommon for third generation GTI owners to experience problems with their window regulators.

Window regulators are small motors in every door that manipulate a series of cables to raise and lower the windows at the touch of the button. When functioning properly, window regulators make power windows a marvelous invention; however, when they malfunction, the windows stop working correctly. If you lowered any of the windows in your GTI but were subsequently unable to raise them back up again, or if there are unusual grinding sounds coming from inside the door, chances are that your window regulators have failed.

The reasons these puppies go are manifold. The continuous slamming of the doors can weaken them, eventually leading to their failure, but possibly the part was just poorly made and no amount of care would prevent a malfunction. The regulator’s fuse could have blown, or the cable could be jammed inside of the motor. Regardless, the only way to begin repairing the problem is by taking apart the entire door.

Busted window regulators pose little problems to a specialized VW maintenance garage, and they can take care of you GTI quickly, saving you a world of frustration. The sooner you make an appointment, the sooner you can roll your windows back up and hit the open road.

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