Common Repairs on the 2nd Generation VW Touareg

The Second Generation Volkswagen Touareg, introduced in 2010 and produced until 2018, represented a refinement and evolution of the luxury SUV. Building upon the foundation of its predecessor, the 2nd gen Touareg showcased updated styling, enhanced technology and improved efficiency. The 2nd generation Touareg blended a sophisticated on-road presence with the ability to tackle various terrains, solidifying its position as a versatile and capable luxury SUV in Volkswagen's lineup, however it is not without faults, which are noted below.

Electrical and Electronic Issues: Owners reported problems with various electrical components, including issues with the infotainment system, sensors, and warning lights.

Oil Leaks and Engine Problems: Oil leaks from the engine and associated components are common in the 2nd gen Touareg. Find an expert VW service technician to help you with this problem.

Cooling System Problems: Some owners reported cooling system issues, including problems with the water pump and thermostat.

Exterior Trim Wear: While not a huge problem, but, premature wear of exterior trim pieces and seals are commonly noted by owners.

If you own a Touareg and are encountering any of these problems, we recommend that you visit a local VW service expert to inspect the vehicle.

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