Common Repairs on the 2nd Generation VW Tiguan

The Second Generation Volkswagen Tiguan, introduced in 2017, represented a substantial evolution of the popular compact crossover SUV. With a redesigned platform, the 2nd gen Tiguan offered a longer wheelbase variant that accommodated optional third-row seating, enhancing its versatility for larger families. Its updated design embraced modern aesthetics, and the interior featured improved technology integration and quality materials. The 2nd generation Tiguan sought to maintain its position as a competitive option in the compact SUV market by blending enhanced practicality, contemporary design and upgraded features. Common problems with the 2nd generation Tiguan may include:

Software Glitches: Some owners have experienced software-related glitches that may affect various vehicle systems, including the infotainment interface.

Thermostat Issues: Some owners have noticed issues with the thermostat in their 2nd gen Tiguan. These issues can lead to overheating and potential engine damage, so be sure to take your Tiguan to a specialized VW repair center if you suspect problems with the thermostat.

Brake Concerns: Uneven brake wear has been reported by owners of the 2nd generation Tiguan. For safety reasons, we recommend taking your Tiguan to an experienced VW service center to have your brakes checked.

Excessive Engine Oil Burning: Many owners have reported the frequent refilling of engine oil in their 2nd generation Tiguan, due to excessive engine oil burning.

If you own a Tiguan and are encountering any of these problems, we recommend that you visit a local VW service expert to inspect the vehicle.

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